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A little bit about me 👨🏻‍💻
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Hey I’m Miles, a freelance Web Developer from Leicester, United Kingdom. I don’t have a Wikipedia page so here’s a little bit about me…

Miles Cant Profile Picture Gif
I built my first website at 14. It was for a gaming community that I ran at the time (a bit geeky, I know). Now, I wouldn’t say it was anything particularly noteworthy... But to my 14-year-old eyes, it was flawless. In fact, it fired up a passion of mine that’s still going today.

From that point on, I realised that building websites was fun… I mean, I definitely still had a lot to learn, but I wasn’t too bad at it. So, in my mind, I figured the next obvious step was to learn everything I could. And that’s what I did. I gathered all the information I could on web developing, hosting, building PCs…

Then I got my first taste of freelance work at 15, helping my local tennis club rise up from the Dark Age and into the digital world. And after that (and after picking up a Diploma in IT), I went into work full-time for the stationery company Ohh Deer. It was where I really cut my teeth as a web developer.

Some Fun Facts

Starting out as an apprentice, I was able to put my existing skills to the test while learning new ones. And I eventually worked my way up to become the lead developer…Running the company’s high-traffic eCommerce sites that have generated millions of pounds of revenue.

But after working towards one company’s dream for the past five years, I knew there were other companies out there that could benefit from my help. And, I mean c’mon, who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

So here I am. A full-time freelancer working from my home office, who may or may not be wearing their pyjamas…You’ll never know.
But while my attire may change, my drive and passion to help people never will. I’m here to offer my skills and knowledge to anyone who may need it… Whether it’s a start-up trying to get their foot in the door or an established business hoping to boost sales. If you’ve got a project you think I can help with, get in touch with me today.

Together I know we can create something simply marvellous.

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