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6 Reasons Not To Use Wix For Your Website


Over my years of working in web development and building websites for businesses, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the down right ugly when it comes to past web setups. As disappointing as it is to say, I don’t think Wix is the best for your business. So whether you’re contemplating Wix or already have a Wix website, I wanted to give you six compelling reasons to explain why you should consider trying something else.

1. Your website will be slow

There’s no such thing as slow and steady wins the race when it comes to your website speed. Slow websites simply just don’t convert and deter customers away, doing the complete opposite of what you want your website to do. Wix websites can often slow down for no apparent reason, I’ve seen some Wix website’s that have taken 10 seconds for a page with just text on to load. Whilst you can optimise the website and images to a degree, one thing you can’t control is the behind the scenes of Wix and if it’s having a good day, or bad day to your sites detriment.

2. Really bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google doesn’t like Wix much (as well as other search engines), and your website could be harder to find as a result of this. You also have access to some SEO tools, but a lot are finicky to use and just don’t do the job as well as others. You want people to be able to find your website through search and gain more customers, can you imagine if your own website platform was preventing that from happening? Don’t be a victim of this and have a platform for your website that works in harmony with search engines and the tools  to help you get the visitors your website deserves.

3. It won’t look that unique

You want to stand out from the crowd right? You don’t want to look like every other Wix website, and you most definitely want to leave a lasting impression on that potential customer that visits your website. Remember it can take less than a second to leave that impression, and a lifetime to change it to something positive (if at all). Something with personality and uniqueness will make your website and businesses perception flourish in the millions of websites on the web today. Don’t just be another “Wix” website.

4. But it’s easy to setup right?

It may be easy, but when did easy ever win any awards? But at the same time they’re many benefits to hiring a website professional to do this for you, from their years of experience down to there eye of design and detail and what can help your website convert. Do you really want to have that responsibility as well as focusing on the core of your business? You can still have a tremendous amount of input in your sites vision, but imagine a beautifully crafted, responsive website that’s fast and works, and is all yours to keep forever.

5. You’re not actually in that much control

Wix owns your website, you pay and have a login but are bound by their rules and terms. Putting it plain and simple, if they decided to close their doors tomorrow, they’d leave you without a website. Furthermore, let’s say you liked a feature or a widget they had and it was pivotal to your website and they took it away, bummer right? There’s also not much you can do about that either, you could reach out to support and they’d give the generic we’re sorry response. Be in full control of your website and every aspect of it, with no nasty surprises so you can sleep easy at night.

6. You’ll have to start again if you outgrow or leave Wix

If you move away from Wix or outgrow the platform, you’ll find yourself having to start again with the new platform. Nobody likes doing a job twice and it’s definitely in your businesses best interest to do a good job the first time around. You want a platform that can excel and grow with your business, not leaving you behind screaming for help. Let’s work on getting it perfect the first time around.

Okay what now?

I’d obviously love it if you chose to do your new website with me, or if you wanted me to help you move away from Wix, you of course have the freedom of choice. Either way if you’d like to discuss a new website or simply want some free no obligation advice on alternatives get in touch with me here.

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